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Falling for You

Falling For You - Lisa Schroeder This book was great! It is one of those books where you aren't sure if there is going to be happy ending or not. I almost always find myself reading books that only focus on the love story part of it because that is my favorite part. While this book did have a love element to it, it was not the main focus. This book does deal with the dark issue of abuse. Rae doesn't have the best home life. But she does have friends who love her and are like her family. She works at a flower shop called "Full Bloom" and her co workers are her extended family.I loved that this books starts off right on the first page letting you know that something bad has happened our main character Rae. Which of course makes you guess and try to figure out what happened. Of course what I thought happened to her did not end up to be right!There is a new boy at school Nathan who ends up being Rae's boyfriend and who isn't exactly her knight in shining armor. She also has a friend named Leo who works at his families coffee shop next door. He is sweet and wants to help Rae in any way he can.One of my favorite parts of this book is the poetry. Rae loves to write poems and you can find it between many of the chapters throughout the book.I would definitely recommend this book. It was a great read that deals with real issues and has a little romance added in. Happy reading!