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Charade - Nyrae Dawn I am not sure where to begin with my review of this book. It made me feel so many different feelings. I loved every second that I read it. One minute I was happy the next I was sad then I was laughing. Have a box of tissues handy because if you are anything like me you will spend sometime crying. Colt is hot in that bad boy way that we all love tats and all. Cheyenne feels abandoned and just caught her boyfriend sleeping with someone other than herself. Cheyenne or as Colt likes to call her Princess and Tiny Dancer suffers from panic attacks as a result from being abandoned by her mother. She has never really let anyone in or let them see that side of her. Colt is dealing with the fact that his mother is going to die and is dealing drugs to help pay her bills. He has never had a serious relationship and doesn't really plan on having one. Cheyenne purposes a fake relationship to show her ex that she doesn't need him. Will this fake relationship blossom into a real one? Could these two be exactly what the other needs? You will just have to read to find out.This is the first book that I have read by this author and I plan on reading them all. It is exactly the type of book I like to read. Quote:" That's What we have-we're both damaged with baggage and somehow it works. I never thought something like this would work for me"