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That Boy

That Boy - Jillian Dodd I just finished this book today and I have nothing but good things to say. What else could there be to say about a book that had me laughing, in tears two different times and smiling all in one day. I spent my whole drive home from work today going through what I was going to write in my review. But I found that this book has left me speechless.That Boy is about three friends JJ (Jadyn), Phillip and Danny. Phillip and JJ have been friends for years. Then Danny moves in to the neighborhood and becomes the third musketeer in their little group. The three of them are inseparable and the book takes us through their high school days and on to college. Without spoiling too much this book does throw a big curve ball definitely something I did not see coming and which left me in tears and leaves JJ needing the boys more than she ever has before. While this book does have it's share of moments that will make you tear it up it has many more laugh out loud moments. I love the relationship between the three friends but more than that I love the relationship between JJ and Phillip. He really is her knight in shining armor.My favorite part of any story is the love element and this story does have that and then some. I did find myself wanting to hit JJ over the head a few times though she is so stubborn sometimes! I do have to say that the love story part of this book is written so well. It made me feel all tingly. It isn't your typical love story between a girl with two best friends who are guys that end up fighting each other over her. I have to say I loved that about this story. Which boy next door will JJ pick? Read to find out. This is definitely a journey that you will want to go on and it is exactly that a journey.This book really got to me and left me feeling so many different emotions. Where do I get a Phillip of my own?!? It is fitting that this is my last review of 2012 as it is one of my favorite books that I have read this year. In fact it might actually be my favorite book that I have read this year. Happy reading! I am off to read That Wedding now the next book in this series.Here are a few passages I highlighted on my nook while reading.Phillip lets me in. Phillip and Danny are both standing there in just their swim trunks. Damn. It's like walking into an Abercrombie ad. Did I mention I love my life right now?..."I've Been here for you all along. I've listened to you cry about other guys, I rescue you, take care of you when you're sick, hug you when you're sad, tell you you're beautiful when you look terrible." He looks me straight in the eyes and is dead serious when he says "Princess, I've always been the one.""He reminded me of when we were ten, and he gave me my first kiss. We were on the swings out behind school, and right after he kissed me, he got up and ran away. The all of a sudden, he stopped turned around and yelled back, Will you marry me someday? And I yelled back to him Yes!"