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The Truth About Letting Go (The Truth, #2)

The Truth About Letting Go - Leigh Talbert Moore This book made me feel so many different emotions. It was a roller coaster for sure. Ashley has recently lost her father, her brother is off at college and she is left with her mother who is never home. With everything she is going through it has made her question things in her life. Ashley has always been part of the "popular" group at school but after two weeks away to cope with her father's death will this still be the case? She has also attended church with her family but does she still believe after everything she has been through?This book is a journey about finding yourself. There were definitely moments that made me cry and moments where I cringed and was let's be honest a bit creeped out. Ashley has lost her father and doesn't really know how to deal. There are two boys in this book that Ashley starts spending time with. She meets Jordan who is a skinny geeky guy but one that really seems to genuinely want to spend time with her. Then we have Colt who is a badass, doesn't obey the rules and wants to spend time with Ashley for a very different reason.The two boys in this book couldn't be more different from each other. One is all about right and wrong, church and is saving himself for marriage The other is all about breaking the rules, living in the moment and fooling around. While I was reading I really thought of these two as the angel and the devil sitting on Ashley's shoulder trying to sway her to their side. I loved Jordan. He is tall, dark and geeky! The perfect gentleman and perfect for Ashley. I loved their interactions with each other. He wants to help others, build them up and help show them right path. He tries to help Ashley face the fact that her dad has passed away and really wants to be there for her and help her through it. He isn't afraid to follow his dreams and stand up for what he believes in. I was not very fond of Colt. I am usually swooning over the resident bad boy but this guy just kind of creeped me out. Who would have thought I would fall for the geeky, skinny guy. Ashley finds herself with Colt because helps her to escape and forget that her father has passed away. In the moments that she is with him she doesn't feel. He is out to corrupt her and wants more from her than she might be willing to give. He was also responsible for some of my most cringe-worthy moments.Ashley also makes a new friend in Charlotte. Someone she would never think to make friends with. Which I loved! Sometimes the most unlikely friends are the best ones for us. Charlotte is overweight and is a big fan of Ashley's dad's column that he wrote before passing away. Ashley often meets her at the creek where they talk about Ashley's dad and what Ashley is going through. I think that this friendship was very important for Ashley and helped her workout a lot of what she was going through. Charlotte and Jordan really made Ashley face reality and deal with life.The Truth About Letting go as a very strong story with very real issues and emotions. You can't help but feel for Ashley and root for Jordan. It shows us that even though we may go through some tough times in life you can always get through it with the help of good friends and family. If you like contemporary reads you will love this book. Leigh Talbert Moore draws you into her story and her characters.