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Flirting with Maybe: A Novella

Flirting with Maybe - Wendy Higgins I loved this novella. This was my first read by Wendy Higgins and I know I will be reading more by her asap. It was such a sweet story and I couldn't help but feel for Ryan the whole way through. He really captured a special place in my heart. He was like the little brother I just wanted to protect. Brooke was so frustrating but in a good way. She offered much to this story and I think she is really what helped Ryan to grow up and come into his own. She also grew a lot in the few short pages.Once I finished this very short story I was so upset. I wanted to know what happened next and kept imagining in my head what I wanted to happen with these two characters. Did they get there happy ever after? Did things work out for them? Come to find out Wendy posted the end of their story two years into the future on her website! I was then able to breathe and possibly had a little tear in my eye while reading it.I only have one complaint about this book and that is that it wasn't long enough. It could have very easily been made into a full length story and I would have ate up every word.