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The Elite

The Elite - Kiera Cass I liked The Selection but I have to say I loved The Elite. This book sucked me in and played with my emotions like no book has in quite sometime. I did find myself tearing up at times and gasping as I was taken on this roller coaster ride. I found myself staying up into the wee hours of the morning to finish reading it. I could not put it down and needed to know what was going to happen next.I love Prince Maxon. For a Prince he seems pretty down to earth. There were moments where my heart just ached for him. I could see his struggles and I just want him to end up happy. While I do like America and admire her no nonsense attitude I found myself wanting to scream at her. I just wanted her to stop being so indecisive and make a choice already. This book managed to make me feel all the feels. I seriously needed a hug after reading this or a cupcake! I felt like I was on this journey right there with the characters experiencing it all. I cannot wait for the next book. I need to find out what happens to America and Maxon. I know where I want this to end up but I have a feeling it isn't going to be that easy. I will make sure I have my box of tissues next to me. I am hooked!

The Selection

The Selection - First of all I love the cover of this book series. I knew once I read what this book was about that it was a book for me. Princes, princesses and love stories just a few of my favorite things. I also am a huge a fan of reality TV so I really enjoyed the whole selection process (similar to The Bachelor).I really fell in love with the characters in this story. America is a fiery girl who doesn't take any nonsense from anyone. I really commend her for being a straight shooting girl who stands up for what she believes in. Then there is Prince Maxon who doesn't like a prince? I instantly fell in love with him. I really loved the relationship between Prince Maxon and America. America is taking part in the selection to help her family out and Maxon is there to find his wife and future princess of Illea. America is hoping to not be selected by the Prince and she has no problem making that point known to him. Seeing there relationship develop just made me sigh and wish upon a star for a Prince of my own.I do love Dystopian novels. However this book isn't so much about Dystopia as it about the love story and the selection of the new princess. They live in a world where America(USA) has fallen to China. But the story is about so much more. I would recommend this book even if you aren't a fan of Dystopian novels. If you love a good love story then this one is for you.

This Is What Happy Looks Like

This is What Happy Looks Like - Jennifer E. Smith Jennifer E. Smith has done it again. I knew after I read The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight that I would read more from this author. This was such a cute fun summer read. It all starts with Ellie receiving an email from an unknown address in her inbox. She responds and continues to correspond with this unknown person. They talk about everything with each other. Everything but each others names.Ellie is from small town Maine and is looking to take a poetry course at Harvard during the summer. Her big worry is how to pay for this course herself. Graham Larkin is a high school student who turned into a major movie star. His biggest problem is not knowing if people like him for who he is or what he does. When he shows up in Maine to film his latest movie he is surprised when Ellie doesn't give him the time day. This is not something he is used to.I loved seeing the relationship between Ellie and Graham bloom. Their initial emails to each other were so cute and sweet. It really brought a smile to my face. This is definitely what happy looks like. I loved how real this book was. All of the relationships were realistic. From Ellie and her mom to Ellie's relationship with her best friend Quinn. They fight like normal people do and have the same worries. The characters are so easy to relate to. This is What Happy Looks Like is a charming, fun, sweet read that is a must for this summer. If you are looking for a book that will put a smile on your face give this one a try. It left me smiling and completely in love with the characters.
The Camp - Karice Bolton This book was a joy to read. It has a little bit of everything, romance, suspense and much more. I wasn't expecting this to be a love story heavy novel but to my surprise it was. The Camp is a very fast paced book that is well written.I loved that much of this book revolves around the relationship between Liam and Emma. I am a sucker for a good love story. However, I didn't really find there relationship believable. From the moment Emma lands on the island these two are longingly looking at each other as if they have been in a relationship for years. Although I didn't find their relationship believable I did still find myself sighing at times wishing I could find a Liam of my own.Another big part of this book is the mystery aspect. Someone on the island is after Emma and Liam has given himself the job of her protector. A job he takes very seriously might I add. I loved this part of the story. The suspense was killing me. I had an inkling as to who it was throughout the book but there were times I second guessed my detective skills. This is my first novel by Karice Bolton. She is a very talented writer and I would love to read more from her. If you like romance, swoon-worthy boys and suspense you should definitely pick this one up.
Before I Fall - Lauren Oliver This is a book about second chances, and third and fourth etc. When Sam dies she gets the opportunity to relive the day she dies over and over again. You would think that she decides right away to right all her wrongs and become the girl she really wants to be. You couldn't be more wrong. It takes Sam a bit to pull it together and learn from her mistakes. I loved watching her grow throughout the story. Each morning when she wakes up and relives her day she learns something new about herself and the about the person she would like to be.This was a unique story and not something that I have read before. You would think reading about a character reliving the same day over and over again would get old but it doesn't. Oliver does a very good job of showing you how Sam grows and also showing you different scenes that happened within that day. Sam and her friends are popular mean girls who you can't help but dislike. As the story goes on you end up pulling for Sam and wanting to see her succeed. This book really makes you examine your life, the relationships you have with others and how you treat them. It is a book that I will read again many times to come. If you have not picked this one up I suggest you get to it ASAP!

17 & Gone

17 & Gone - Nova Ren Suma This book was creepy but in a good way. This is definitely not my usual type of read but when I won the book from Penguin on twitter I thought why not give it a try and boy was I surprised by how much I liked it. First of all the cover is both creepy and gorgeous if that is even possible! Lauren sees girls who have gone missing. They are all 17 years old. As the story unfolds she collects more and more girls. All who have different personalities and different reasons for having gone missing. She wants to try to save them all and help them find their way home to their families.The first night I starting reading 17 & Gone I had strange dreams. When I got in my car in the morning I had no desire to look in my review mirror. This is a testament to Nova Ren Suma's writing skills. The way she beautifully describes everything almost like painting a picture in your mind left me scared and fascinated. There were times that this book got a tad slow for me but it did not make me put it down. 17 & Gone touches on a couple of very real issues. Both of which I think were very well done. First we have all the missing girls and the fact that many children go missing everyday. As a single mother to a 12 year old this is one of my biggest fears and one that crossed my mind more than once while reading this book. Especially when Lauren is reading the missing persons posters for the girls who have gone. The second issue that this book touches on is equally well written and researched. I don't want to give anything away so you will just have to read to find out. This was my first time reading a book by this author and it will not be my last. Suma has a way of making you feel like you are right there in the story. She paints a very clear picture. Suma is an amazing storyteller and 17 & Gone is a beautifully, creepy story.

Dare You To

Dare You To - Katie McGarry Dare You To takes you on the emotional journey of Beth Risk and Ryan Stone. These two could not be more different and more perfect for each other. Beth, doesn't really have much going for her, she is troubled, lives with her mom who is always wasted and her mom's boyfriend who loves to beat them both on a regular basis. Ryan seems to have the perfect life on the outside, he plays baseball, has many friends and fits in at school. But his home life is a much different story, a father who expects him to play professional baseball no matter what and a brother who his parents don't speak to or speak of. Beth and Ryan meet one day over a dare and have this connection that neither one can deny.I loved watching these two characters grow throughout this book. Beth is not quick to trust anyone. She has been let down by so many people in her life which has made it hard for her trust. She is a big ball of snark which I loved! Seeing her learn to trust someone and know that not everyone is going to leave her was amazing. Ryan grew throughout this book as well. He always does whatever his father wants and is pretty much living the life his father wants him to live. I loved seeing him learn that he needs to do what is right for him and take his life into his own hands.This book deals with some real issues. Beth's mother is a drug addict with an abusive boyfriend. I really wanted to smack her and haul her off to rehab myself. I felt for Beth having to be the adult and take care of her mother like she was her child. If you have read Pushing Limits I don't doubt that you will love Beth and Ryan's story as much as Noah and Echo's. McGarry has an amazing way with words. You can't help fall in love with and feel for her characters. When they laugh you laugh and when they cry you cry. I love books that deal with real issues and characters that are flawed. My favorite part of any book is the love story and this book did not disappoint. Beth has some big walls up that Ryan needs to break through. She doesn't trust and is more concerned with her mother and her problems. But once he starts to break through that first wall what these two have cannot be denied. Dare You To is a book about love, loss and learning to trust others and yourself. McGarry has quickly become a favorite author of mine and Dare You To has been one of my favorite reads of 2013.

Annabel (Delirium Series)

Annabel (Delirium Series) - This was a great novella about Lena's mother Annabel. I loved getting to read about her story. We get to see how she met her husband. The story switches between Then and Now for the chapters. I loved that aspect of this novella. It was nice to see how Annabel became the person she is and how that is currently affecting her in the present. If you are a fan of the Delirium series I would recommend reading the novellas that go with it.

A Little Bit Cupid

A Little Bit Cupid (Entangled Flirts) - Jennifer Shirk This was a cute short story about finding your sole mate. Phoebe has given up on finding love. Especially when she finds herself the photographer for her ex's wedding. Then Cupid's son enters her life and turns it upside down by telling her she has until Valentines Day to find love or love will cease to exist. There were times I wanted to yell at her and say "It is right in front of your nose!" A romantic story about finding love when you least expect it.

The Moon and More

The Moon and More - Sarah Dessen It really pained me to have to give this book the rating that I did. I am a huge Sarah Dessen fan and have loved all of her previous books. I found myself somewhat struggling through this one when it got slow at times. Perhaps because Sarah Dessen is my favorite author my expectations were too high and it didn't quite reach those high expectations.My favorite part of any story is of course the love story. I really found it lacking in this book. We have Luke who has been Emaline's boyfriend since the 9th grade but they end up having a falling out. Enter Theo, a New Yorker who is staying at one of the properties that Emaline's family manages. I really didn't like Theo at all. He seemed controlling and snobby to me. Their relationship was awkward and didn't seem real. There was no chemistry there.While I didn't enjoy some of the characters or the lack of a love story I did love the message that this book tries to get across to us. Be true to our roots and don't change yourself for anyone. The writing as with any Sarah Dessen book was excellent. She has a way with words.Perhaps my favorite part of any Sarah Dessen book is when we see characters from other books pop up. I definitely enjoy the beach town of Colby and look forward to reading many more Sarah Dessen books. While this might not have been my favorite book by her she is still my favorite author and I can't wait to see what she will come up with next.

Flirting with Maybe: A Novella

Flirting with Maybe - Wendy Higgins I loved this novella. This was my first read by Wendy Higgins and I know I will be reading more by her asap. It was such a sweet story and I couldn't help but feel for Ryan the whole way through. He really captured a special place in my heart. He was like the little brother I just wanted to protect. Brooke was so frustrating but in a good way. She offered much to this story and I think she is really what helped Ryan to grow up and come into his own. She also grew a lot in the few short pages.Once I finished this very short story I was so upset. I wanted to know what happened next and kept imagining in my head what I wanted to happen with these two characters. Did they get there happy ever after? Did things work out for them? Come to find out Wendy posted the end of their story two years into the future on her website! I was then able to breathe and possibly had a little tear in my eye while reading it.I only have one complaint about this book and that is that it wasn't long enough. It could have very easily been made into a full length story and I would have ate up every word.


Golden - Jessi Kirby I really don't know if my words will be able to do this book justice but I will give it a try. Golden is a beautifully written story about taking chances and finding out what we want in life. The characters in this book are so easy to relate to. I think that many high school students will really be able to take some great lessons away from this novel. Parker Frost is 17 years old and always does what is expected of her. Her mother is controlling and so hard on her. She puts insane amounts of pressure on her to succeed. But when Parker comes across the journal of a local girl who disappeared with her boyfriend 10 years ago all Parker wants to do is find out what really happened to her. She enlists her best friend Kat and her longtime crush Trevor to go with her on a road trip and follow the clues she has put together from reading Julianna's journal. I wouldn't really call this book a mystery but it did have a bit of a mystery quality to it. I loved seeing Parker put together all clues and thoughts from Julianna. Parker is really someone who follows the rules and does what is expected of her. She does what her mothers wants and never seems to do anything for herself. She ends up so wrapped in the mystery of this journal and becomes so passionate about finding out what really happened. I loved seeing this side of her. Her mom irritated me I could not believe how much pressure was put on Parker. I wanted to cheer when Parker finally decided to do something she wanted even if it was a bit reluctantly. This book was the perfect read for me as I am a huge fan of love stories. There were love stories galore. From Julianna and Shane's relationship to Parker's crush on Trevor to the mystery guy Julianna writes about in her journal. They were all such sweet relationships. Even though there are so many relationships in this book they were not the main focus and this was nice to see. Golden is a book about finding out what you really want in life. In fact there is a quote that is used throughout this book that asks just that. Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? - Mary Oliver This is a book that shows us it is okay to take chances and go after what we really want. We don't always have to do what will make others happy. What we need to do is what will make ourselves happy. I highly suggest that you pick up Golden. It is full of mystery, romance and life lessons.
Unraveling (Unraveling, #1) - Elizabeth Norris I had Unraveling on my TBR list for awhile. When I saw that Pitch Dark Books was doing a reread I thought what better time to read the book. I am so happy that I decided to join in. I loved this book from the very first page. You know you are in for a wild ride when the story starts with the main character getting hit by a truck and dying.I was a little hesitant about this story and didn't really know what to expect as it is labeled Science Fiction. But really the genre doesn't matter to me as long as there is a little bit of love in there. I was hooked from the start. Janelle is hit by a truck and then wakes up staring into the eyes of a boy she doesn't know and she is unsure about what has happened to her. She can't get this boy out of her head and she needs to know what happened. Ben is a bit of mystery and immediately I knew he was hiding something and that it was probably something big. Their relationship was one that I loved watching grow throughout the story. He might be hiding something but he is just so incredibly amazing.I really enjoyed Janelle and her best friend Alex's relationship. They have grown up together and Janelle leans on him a lot. Janelle's dad is an FBI agent and works a lot and her mom has some mental troubles and doesn't really have it together enough to take care of her kids. It is up to Janelle to take care of the house and her younger brother Jared. But when a string of deaths take place around town she uses the detective skills she has learned from her dad to try to solve the case. She is very good at detective work. I loved how every time she looked at someone she was instantly aware of where they were carrying their weapons.This story has a little bit of everything, mystery, murder, romance and suspense. The heroine of this story Janelle is so strong and able to take care of herself. I really enjoyed seeing such a take charge girl as the main character of this story. The end of this book blew me away and left me heartbroken. I really did not see it coming. This book is different from the usual YA books that I read. Which is probably why I liked it so much. It was new, fresh and wonderfully heartbreaking. Get ready to be completely wrapped up in this story and the wonderful world Elizabeth Norris has created.


Spirit - Brigid Kemmerer So much emotion in this book!! I will admit I teared up. Review to come.I was a little unsure if I would like this book as much as the others in this series. While I did like Hunter in previous books he is definitely not my favorite. I love those Merrick brothers. Hunter is an Elemental like the Merricks and is new in town. He is a bit unsure of where he fits in with everyone. This book is his journey of finding out where he fits in and who he is.Throughout the entire book I found myself saying poor Hunter. I was starting to wonder if this kid would ever catch a break. Brigid Kemmerer is not afraid to tug at your heart strings and make you shed a tear. He has lost his Dad and Uncle and feels pretty much let down by everyone around him. I love how the characters in these books grow and find out who they really want to be and what they want out of life. They deal with real world problems and learn how to face them head on.While I still love the Merrick brothers Hunter now holds a special place in my heart as well. This book has everything you could want action, tears, romance and surprises. What's not to like? I would definitely recommend this book to those who have read the others in the series. If you have not read the others in the series what are you waiting for? You should pick them up today and dive into the elemental world. You will not regret it.


Breathless - Brigid Kemmerer Oh my goodness!!! While this book might only be 65 pages there is so much packed into them! It left me shocked and saying "Wait what???" I don't want to say too much and spoil things for you guys but if you have read the other books in this series please make sure that you read Nick's novella you will not be sorry. I love it when a book throws you off and takes a really sharp turn leaving you wondering what the heck just happened. Brigid Kemmerer has yet to let me down with a book in this series. I am addicted to the Merrick brothers and can't wait for more. I am so excited for Nick's full length book. I can't wait to see where his story goes.

Walking Disaster: A Novel

Walking Disaster - Jamie McGuire I just finished Beautiful Disaster the other day and decided to jump right into Walking Disaster. In the first book I fell completely in love with Travis Maddox and his intense, flawed ways. Beautiful Disaster is told entirely from Abby's point of view. But there are always two sides to every story and in Walking Disaster we get the story from Travis' point of view. I was so excited to jump into his head and find out what he was thinking. I didn't think it would be possible to love Travis more but I was wrong.I really think more authors should write a second book told from the perspective of the male character. I loved getting to see what happened on Travis' side when he and Abby were apart. In fact I loved this book so much that I rated it higher than I did Beautiful Disaster. A lot of books are told from alternating POV's but I think this is the first time I have read a book told solely from the male characters perspective. I loved every minute of it. You really get to see the real Travis in this book. Someone who isn't as confident as he wants everyone to think. Someone who second guesses himself. It was nice to see this side of him and made me love him that much more. Yes, he is flawed and yes, he is very intense but you get a real sense of why he is this way and it all starts to make sense.Much of this story is the same as Beautiful Disaster just told through Travis' eyes. It really didn't matter to me though. It was great to see everything through his eyes and get to know his true feelings. Perhaps the most amazing part was the epilogue. This was an entirely new part to Abby and Travis' story. It takes us well beyond the Epilogue from the first book. I was swooning and gushing all over the place. It left me in a big puddle of goo.This is a great companion novel to Beautiful Disaster and I couldn't recommend it more. Make sure that you read the first book before picking this one up. You will love getting to see the vulnerable side of Travis that we didn't get to see in the first book. Under that hard exterior he just wants to be loved.